Art is a big part of our world. We share some of this with you through our Artwork that fills these pages. Along with the Artwork, we provide unique supports and programs tailored to our clients and groups particular needs. Please feel free to reach out and contact us.

Dr. Ngardarb Francine


My Artwork expresses my unique heritage. I enjoy creating masterpieces that represent meaning and sentimentality. Click on the buttons below to view some examples of mostly commissioned Sculptures and Paintings.

Art Therapy

HEALING through the ARTS is when art becomes a wonderful tool.  It is utilising the creative process to help people to express their inner feelings and develop new coping skills.

Training & Consulting

Drawing on diverse experiences and study, we can provide training and consultancy for Organisations and groups wanting to improve outcomes for first nations people.



I worked closely with Ngardarb for a series of weeks to help facilitate my process of grieving and I found it to be invaluable. It also complemented my regular counselling sessions and in fact offered a much-needed space to play without the pressure of articulating verbally what I was feeling.

Sometimes the grief was overwhelming so to have time and space to paint alongside Ngardarb and to be held safely in my grief was deeply relieving and helpful in being able to physically see and touch my emotional manifestations.