Tony is an award-winning artist with years of experience, often collaborating with Dr Ngardarb Francine Riches.  Tony recently won Percent for Art Award WA as Mentor to the Artists, Kimberley Art prize and the Broome Shinju Festival Peoples vote (x2).

I have been an artist since the mid 1980’s. I love the Outback and find the play of colour and light inspiring. Portraits became a big interest of mine and it became a tent-maker work. Fortunately, my artworks won some awards so I went on to develop a Painting program for TAFE which helped other people to enjoy the craft. Some have become professional artists. I only work on commissioned projects these days. Having a background as a tradesman, I have drawn on those skills while working on large-scale projects with my wife. It has been rewarding to take some ideas to the next level with commissions for 3 dimensional”.